About organic

What is organic hairdressing?

Organic Hairdressing is using the best products and colours available, that contain the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients, and the minimum amount of chemicals.

How will it work for me?

Most colours use harsh chemical like ammonia that damage the hair in the colouring process. By using fewer chemicals and no ammonia, organic colour maintains hair’s essential protein and moisture balance, and won’t damage the hair in the process.

Does it work on grey hair?

Organic colour is gentle but effective, even on resistant grey hair, and because hair responds better to natural ingredients it looks naturally healthier and glossier with radiant, longer-lasting colour.

If I don’t have my hair coloured, will I still benefit?

The organic colour systems range of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products all contain the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients. They are free from SLS, sodium chloride, and plastics, and there is even a range of products for people with highly sensitive or irritated scalps, and psoriasis.